Relax Your Travel Fatigue with Stretch Pole®️!

At LAZULI Hiroshima, under the theme of ‘Travel Healing,’ we now offer rental services of Stretch Pole®️ (Manufactured by: LPN Co., Ltd., Located in: Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture), aiming to provide easy relief from travel-related fatigue such as shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, leg swelling, and autonomic nervous system imbalances.

Along with the tool, we provide a leaflet on how to use Stretch Pole®️ supervised by Mr. Hiroyuki Shinya, a former physiotherapist who is now active as a Stretch Pole®️ evangelist. This ensures that even beginners can comfortably loosen their bodies.

Whether it’s after check-in, post a warm bath, or in the morning after waking up… why not experience a pleasant relaxation effect and refresh both your mind and body?

If interested, please notify our front staffs. *Limited availability

<Stretch Pole®️ Rental>
*We will give a ¥500 cashback to those who fill out our questionnaire♪

We hope to make your travel memories even more wonderful… Looking forward to your visit 🙂

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