Local excellence of Hiroshima,
Lively and free to the full extent.

For those who came for Hiroshima,
or for those who are just stopping by on your trip,
Ask us any questions you have about Hiroshima.
From a perspective like your own personal travel partner,
we will share some of the hidden gems in Hiroshima that
you may not easily find in guidebooks or on social media.
We will recommend beautiful views and
restaurants that we respect and cherish.
Together with members who love Hiroshima wholeheartedly,
we will guide you through the best things to look forward to in Hiroshima,
whether it's the sea, the mountains, or the city!


We offer a total of 11 rooms in 5 different types, including rooms with tatami spaces.
All guest rooms are designed to be spacious and relaxing, allowing for a comfortable stay even with a large group.
  • Standard Twin Room

  • Tatami Suite Double Room with a Balcony

  • Tatami Twin Room with a Balcony

  • Executive Twin Room with a Balcony

  • LAZULI Twin Room


Have you decided on your travel plans in Hiroshima?
Do you have any concerns or things you're not sure about?
Our local staff, who know everything about Hiroshima and travel,
will guide you to local attractions and special experiences that you can only find here.
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We are a group, “Hiroshima LOVERS,” who love traveling, people and Hiroshima.
If you have any questions about traveling or Hiroshima, never hesitate to ask.
We are confident that we can provide you with 10 answers for every question you might have!
Kohei Shimamoto

Decorating your memories by creating exciting spaces

Aika Sogi

A personalized Hiroshima trip for all
With heartfelt dedication


Even in the extraordinary
A place where we can relax


What is your purpose
when you’re traveling?

LAZULI’s recommendations when staying in Hiroshima


Because we want our guests to be able to fully relax and enjoy their stay,
we carefully selected natural and high-quality materials for our interiors and guest rooms.
Through art, furniture, and fabric, please enjoy the comfortable and heart-warming living space.

A comforting space just like your own home

Furniture and artwork are all carefully selected under the supervision of an art director. The contents of the room are decorated with a calm and soothing color palate, making this place truly unique and exquisite.

Interiors with a Blue color scheme

Hiroshima is known for the Seto Inland Sea with calm waves. The interior design of our space is based on the theme color of "blue," which represents the unique color of the sea. The color blue also has a calming effect, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere throughout.


A relaxed and slow stay
in a quiet location along the river

The Eastern end of Central Hiroshima City
LAZULI is a small hotel recommended for those who want to enjoy a relaxing trip, situated along the Enko River.
Spending time in a different town is
full of new discoveries, excitement,
and experiences you’ve never seen before.
You can relax in rooms that feel like a living room,
enjoying with a cup of tea on a bench by the river,
or take a quick ride on shared bicycles.
You can spend your time as you please,
freely and with no limitations.


Nishikaniya 4-chome 2-25, Minami-ku,
Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN 732-0804

Means of Transportation

<Arriving by Train>
a 10-minute walk from the South
exit of Hiroshima Station

<Arriving by Car>
a 25-minute drive (18 km) from the Sanyo Expressway of Hiroshima Interchange


Not Available
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Hotel Detail
  • Total Guest Rooms
    11 Rooms
  • Capacity per Room
    1~5 Guests
  • Check-in
    3:00 pm (Last Check-in at 9:00 pm)
  • Check-out
    11:00 am
  • Children of any age are welcome
    No age restrictions
  • Pets
    Not allowed
  • Shuttle service
    Not provided
  • Wi-Fi
    Free throughout the hotels
  • Credit Cards
    Visa, Mastercard, JCB, etc.
  • Other
    Smoking is prohibited

Recommended Spots

Kohei Shimamoto
I used to be a teacher, but I started working as a hotelier since I love interacting with people. I’ve played baseball from middle school all the way up to high school, so I love both playing and watching sports. Hiroshima is a prefecture where sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball are thriving, which is amazing for sports lovers like me! My communication skills are definitely my strength. I love making a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. I’m working hard every day so that guests will want to come and visit me at the hotel!
Nick Name
Watching Sports
Finding new foods and drinks
Aika Sogi
I was born and raised in Tanegashima. When I was back in college, I studied for a year in Germany and had experienced traveling to 10 different countries. These travel experiences inspired me to share the charm of Japan's regions with the world! I moved to Hiroshima back in 2023 and am still discovering everything it has to offer. Hiroshima, with its beautiful nature and delicious food that I love, is a perfect place to live and visit! I propose a deep and thorough travel plan around Hiroshima for those visiting from Japan and abroad!
Nick Name
Traveling Abroad
Watching Dramas
I was born in Tottori and raised in Hiroshima, and I’ve lived in Australia and Thailand in the past. My hobbies are traveling and cooking, where I could have extraordinary experiences. I especially love participating in local cooking lessons and being immersed in different cultures and food! My hometown, Hiroshima, is a place full of delicious foods and attractions. Instead of being in a hotel as a “mere place to stay,” I would love to help make this a part of your cherished travel memories.
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Watching Movies